Dangers to cats of sewing materials

Grand Champion Lonicera Niamh Otirnanog (our apologies to Gaelic purists, but we are only allowed a total of 3 names for cats) or Neve from the Land of the Young is a normal extroverted Burmese cat. Into everything and very nosey

catOne day Niamh developed a cough, not a chesty cough but as though she had a bit of a sore throat. it didn’t clear after a day so it was off to the vets. The vet examined her, temperature normal and no sign of any infection. He gave her a broad band antibiotic injection and told us to bring her back in a week.

But before a week had passed Niamh had developed a lump on the side of her neck and her cough was worse.

Fearing the worst it was off to the vets again. Niamh was again examined and an appointment made for her to be admitted for surgery the next day.

Surgery revealed not an infection not a growth but a sewing needle and thread. Niamh had swallowed it and it luckily turned sideways and caught in her throat. It had then penetrated the throat lining and was starting to work its way out through the muscle of her neck, no wonder she had a cough.

The vet was able to remove the needle by cutting it in half and removing the short bits without too much effort. If it had not caught it would have gone down into her stomach with who knows what results.

Niamh must have stolen the needle and thread when Jill was doing some sewing. So don’t let your cats help you with the sewing. Store the needles without thread in, its the thread cats like to play with. Keep the needles in a box or tin that little paws can’t open (cat proof containers are more difficult to find than child proof ones.)

To add insult to injury we didn’t even get the cost of the needle off the vets bill.

Our thanks to Stuart of Pool House Animal Hospital in Lichfield for their expertise in looking after our girl. www.poolhousevets.co.uk