Top 5 Great Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

cat_loverA cat is a very nice pet that not only helps to keep rats away but also provides good company. Cat lovers will appreciate any gift that is in one way or another related to the pet they cherish.

There are those who like clothes and utensils with cat inscriptions or images. Others love jewelry that makes a cat look beautiful and attractive. Here are 5 great gift ideas for cat lovers that you can buy for your friend, family member or colleague that loves cats.

Purple Glazed Rose Heart Pendant

This is arguably the most precious and beautiful jewelry that matches any cat. It is easy to wear, glitters like gold and makes the cat stand out from other pets. This lovable jewelry will surely increase love for cats in any cat lover. This makes it a perfect present. You can see the rose here.

Cat mug

Cat mug is another great present for cat lovers. They will be impressed by the cat image found on the mug as they enjoy their drink.

Cat plate

Cat plates look so beautiful and attractive. They can therefore make an excellent gift to any cat lover.

Kitty collar tips

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Dangers to cats of sewing materials

Grand Champion Lonicera Niamh Otirnanog (our apologies to Gaelic purists, but we are only allowed a total of 3 names for cats) or Neve from the Land of the Young is a normal extroverted Burmese cat. Into everything and very nosey

catOne day Niamh developed a cough, not a chesty cough but as though she had a bit of a sore throat. it didn’t clear after a day so it was off to the vets. The vet examined her, temperature normal and no sign of any infection. He gave her a broad band antibiotic injection and told us to bring her back in a week.

But before a week had passed Niamh had developed a lump on the side of her neck and her cough was worse.

Fearing the worst it was off to the vets again. Niamh was again examined and an appointment made for her to be admitted for surgery the next day.

Surgery revealed not an infection not a growth but a sewing needle and thread. Niamh had swallowed it and it luckily turned sideways and caught in her throat. It had then penetrated the throat lining and was starting to work its way out through the muscle of her neck, no wonder she had a cough.

The vet was able to remove the needle by cutting it in half and removing the short bits without too much effort. If it had not caught it would have gone down into her stomach with who knows what results.

Niamh must have stolen the needle and thread when Jill was doing some sewing. So don’t let your cats help you with the sewing. Store the needles without thread in, its the thread cats like to play with.

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The Diabetic Cat

This is a personal record of a cat with diabetes. For clinical detail of diabetes see

stud catCustard is a 13 old Cream Burmese boy and was a successful stud cat, until at the age of 9, he was neutered and retired to become a happy house cat.

He had been in good health until late February 2005 when on the Friday he looked just a bit off colour. He had not picked by by Monday and over the weekend had lost weight, so off he went to the vets. Examination resulted in no specific diagnosis, no temperature etc. ; was put on a short course of antibiotics and an appointment was made for that Thursday.

By Wednesday morning he had deteriorated to such an extent that he appeared to be dying, not eating, not drinking, just sitting in a stooped posture and looking very ill.

He was rushed into the vets who admitted him and put him on to a drip as he was very dehydrated and started blood tests. By 12:00 the vet had phoned to say he knew what was wrong. Diabetes had been diagnosed. What did we want do do?

There was no question, as long as he would have a good quality of life we would deal with the insulin injections.

The next day the news was not good. Custard was in ketoacidossis crisis. This means that the body cells where burning themselves instead of the sugar in the blood steam. This stage is often fatal in most species (including humans). Prognosis could not be guaranteed. Where we still happy to carry on the treatment as it could be up to 3 weeks in the hospital to stabilize the condition –

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Showing in The Emerald Isle.

Been there! Seen that! Done the whole scene! Got the Grand and now all there is to aim for is the UK Grand and the Supreme. Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like this? Take heart. Help is at hand.

You can achieve more – the titles of International Grand/Champion/Premier. Now I am not suggesting for one moment that you take your cat through the Channel Tunnel; in fact, you go in the opposite direction and cross the Celtic Sea to the Republic of Ireland where Cat Shows held under the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of Ireland (GCCFI) are acceptable to the GCCF and vice versa. Furthermore you will be furthering the knowledge of your breed and giving those exhibitors who cannot attend the United Kingdom shows a chance to see different blood lines.

The first rung on the ladder to these heady titles is to register your cat with the GCCFI. Application must be made to the GCCF for a three generation certified pedigree, and if the male is entire, his certificate of entirety. Whilst awaiting this request a registration form from the Registrar, Mrs Betty Dobbs, 23 Butterfield Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14, Eire and then return all the completed paperwork together with the certified pedigree (which is retained by the GCCFI) together with a copy of the GCCF registration certificate or transfer together with the fee for the active register or the inactive register. (Betty will tell you the current fees).In the fullness of time you will receive an Irish registration certificate. The cat cannot be shown unless it is registered with GCCFI.

Four shows are held annually, including a Supreme. The rules for showing are very similar to those of the GCCF except that kittens must be four months old on the day of all the shows.

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